How to: Culture Bell’s house yeast from a bottle of Bell’s beer

We don’t offer our house yeast for sale. But since we don’t filter any of our ales either, you can harvest it directly from the bottle.

Any of our non-Belgian ales are good candidates for this. If you can get your hands on them, Oberon, Midwestern Pale Ale and Amber Ale are all good choices.

What you will need: 1-3 bottles of beer, a vessel, a flame source and the same ingredients required to build a yeast starter.


1. Refrigerate your bottle of beer for one week. Make sure you have a nice slurry on the bottom. Two to three bottles will yield better results.

2. Open bottle and sanitize the lip with a flame.

NOTE: You may also want to spray sanitizer on and around the cap before opening.

3. Gently pour the beer into a glass, leaving the sediment (yeast) in the bottle.

4. Swirl the sediment/yeast in the bottle and re-flame the lip.

5. Pour sediment into a sanitized container.

6. Grow your yeast using a stepped starter – start with 75ML (about 1/3 of a cup) of wort, then let ferment for two to three days. Then add an additional 750ML of wort and let ferment an additional two to three days.